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“Cell factory for Human”
Advanced Protein Technologies Corp.,(APTech) is a bio venture company
that develops various biomaterials based on recombinant protein production technology (ADpure SystemTM) of biopharmaceutical (process) and metabolic engineering technology of microorganisms.

Since its founding in 2001, we have been manufacturing nonclinical / clinical specimens, including the development of bio / pharmaceutical / pharmaceutical companies and production processes for new drug candidate proteins.
Recently, we received technology transfer from HMOs production technology from the research team of the university and completed development of industrialization with the world's first GRAS strain. Korea, US, Europe, China and Japan are preparing FDA approval, starting with the establishment of a factory with a production scale of 100 tons per year, we aim to produce 1000 tons a year by 2022.

APTech is exerting all possible efforts to materialize its core technology of manufacturing high quality protein with high productivity, which has been steadily demanding from the areas of medicine, food and cosmetic industry.